Smokeless Grill and Vegetables

Smokeless Grill and Vegetables – During the pandemic, the lack of physical activity made us return to healthier eating habits.

An adequate way to take care of our health is to integrate the consumption of vegetables and fruits into our diet.

Eating vegetables has a lot of benefits as mentioned in an article in Eating Well(1) just to mention a few of them:

1.- Fight inflammation.

2.- Improve blood pressure.

3.- Up your fiber, which has benefits for your colon and proper bowel function.

4.- Reduce risk of heart disease, because they provide potassium also fiber and other nutrients necessary for the functioning of the heart .

Smokeless Grill And Vegetables

And according whit the Harvard T.H. CHAN School of Public Health(2), vegetables can prevent some types of cancer.

A good way to prepare vegetables is with our Smoke Less Grill.

Try adding a little olive oil, some zucchini, tomatoes, asparagus, mushrooms, a little salt and pepper.

And if you want a touch of Parmesan cheese. The secret is to have fun and don’t be afraid to invent new recipes.

Invite you family and friends to join you and have a great time while cooking!

Not also vegetables can be grilled, try whit some fruits such as pineapples and mango they can give your salad a special touch!

Smokeless Grill and Vegetables are the perfect match, for a healthy meal.

If you have a good recipe, please share whit us and we’ll publish it on the blog, hope you have a great day!

(1)Valente, Lisa. “10 Health Benefits of Eating Vegetables, according to a Dietitian.” EatingWell, 1 June 2021,

(2)Harvard School of Public Health. “Vegetables and Fruits.” The Nutrition Source, 20 Aug. 2018,
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