Prevent Summertime Dehydration in your Dog.

Prevent Summertime Dehydration

Prevent Summertime Dehydration in your dog.

Prevent Summertime Dehytration – During the spring and the hot season, it is normal to want to be accompanied by our canine friends everywhere. Whether it’s a nice walk, playing in the park or a ride in the car.

However, if we do not have the necessary precautions, a fun walk can become a medical emergency for our dogs.

It is necessary to be careful with high temperatures and their harmful effect on our pets.

Dehydration refers to the loss of liquid in the body. Approximately 60% of the body mass of our dogs is made up of water.(1)

Prevent Summertime Dehytration :

1.- Exercise our dog in the morning hours when the outside temperature is not high.

2.- Make sure you always have a sufficient amount of water available to Prevent Summertime Dehytration depending on the needs of your dog, no matter where you go.

3.- If we see that our dog has symptoms of fatigue during the game, it is necessary to suspend it, and give it time to recover.

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