Pickup trucks and Jeeps

Pickup trucks and Jeeps, the magic of power . Most men like cars, personally since I was a child, pickups and Jeeps, They provoked an almost immediate fascination.

Since I was a little boy, at my grandfather’s ranch I had the opportunity to see these fascinating vehicles.

The power of the engines and the ease with which they performed on difficult roads was almost magical.

When they got stuck in the mud, it was an adventure.

Putting logs and rocks in the tires for those beastly engines to work their magic and get out of there as if nothing had happened.

As a child, going with my cousins ​​or friends in the pickup box was a lot of fun.

Feeling the wind in your hair and that feeling of freedom is priceless.

Pick up trucks and Jeeps
A beautiful Chevrolet : Image by Robert fridzema from Pixabay

So I decided one day to have any of these vehicles , my mother told me why would you want something like that if we live in the city now.

Whether it’s Pickup trucks and Jeeps, it doesn’t matter one day I’ll have one.

Currently there are many brands and models, personally Ford and Chevrolet pickups have always been my favorites.

They are not only an invaluable work tool, they are a means of recreation that allows us to get out of the routine.

Going in a family trip, take our pets on an excursion. Visit places that allow us to get closer to nature.

I finally had the chance to see my dream come true when I owned a 2012 Ford Lobo Raptor.

Pick Up Trucks and Jeeps
My Lobo Raptor.

This allowed me to start an outdoor activity with my children such as going to practice motocross.

Carrying motorcycles, equipment, dogs and enjoying unforgettable moments.

Of course, a clean and organized car with dogs and pets is not always easy.

And even more so when they are young children and you have to always have bottles and what is necessary at hand.

But it’s part of the fun!!

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