Benefits of owning a dog

For many of us who love pets it is normal to have a dog, and we know the benefits of owning a dog.

Not only provides company and takes care of our home and family. It goes beyond that.

These noble creatures not only become another member of our family.

Their mere presence has other benefits for our health, one of them is very easy to verify, for those who have a dog as a life partner.

Taking a daily walk of 30 – 40 minutes has significant improvements in our health.

Benefits of owning a dog

CNN health article (1) talks about the importance of what our dog can bring to us.

The article explains how the reduction of dying from any cause reduces in 24% .

And also for people that had suffered a heart attack the risk of a cardiovascular incident reduces in 31%.

Article also has mentioned that a daily walk helps to prevent diabetes to one third compared to the people that doesn’t own a dog.

Also mentioned that The American Heart Association suggest various ways to get active whit your dog.

It is a good idea to plan activities with our dog, it is not only a way of living together as a family, but it also brings great benefits to our health. Next time take you dog for a ride in your car and have a great time!

(1)CNN, Sandee LaMotte. “Benefits (and Some Surprising Science) about Owning a Dog.” CNN,

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